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What to Expect in Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy begins with an introductory session. During this session we will interview each other to determine the appropriateness of a working relationship and begin to develop our mutual expectations for the relationship and the work that we will do together. We will agree to a schedule and begin developing a plan of therapy that is right for you.

We will meet regularly and work toward the changes that you wish to see in your life, beginning with a formal interview in which I get a history of relevant aspects of your life. Therapy will be a combination of conversations revolving around your concerns and guided exercises intended to teach you new behaviors and to improve your self-understanding. Additionally, we may decide on activities for you to do between sessions so that you can integrate the work we do in session into the rest of your life. We will determine together what the best pace is and what the best techniques are to be used in the course of your therapy.

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Change can be a difficult process and fear and frustration are a natural part of the process. I will stand alongside you through this journey, providing non-judgmental support and challenge, as we encounter your limitations and barriers and discover your strengths. This voyage will inevitably involve self-exploration and greater understanding of yourself. Through your efforts and my guidance, you may emerge to a place of resolution, contentment, and renewed motivation.

''It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome.'' - William James

Client Responsibilities

Active Participation
In order for counseling to be effective, it is necessary for you to take an active role in the process. Participation involves listening to the counselor, being honest with the counselor, discussing concerns about the process with the counselor, completing outside assignments when appropriate, and providing feedback to the counselor about the process.
Keeping Appointments
It is expected that you will be prompt for your appointment and that you will call in advance to cancel an appointment you are unable to keep. If you do not cancel your appointment in advance, the scheduled time will be counted as a session and you will be billed accordingly.
Maintaining Current Contact Information
It is important that you provide a current daytime telephone number where you can be reached during the day and address. This information is needed if your appointment needs to be cancelled or the therapist needs to communicate with you for any reason.
Fee Payment
It is expected that you will pay any required fees at the time you receive the service.

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